Joy, which is the Festa Major!

At the end of summer and after a holiday and rest time, as every year, a well-seasoned month of September. With the arrival of the 1st of September, a large majority get back into the workplace, some students make the latest sprint to finish preparing the examinations of pending subjects and others expect, with more or less desire, start of a new course. Parents - and especially the godfathers - will begin their "vacations" with the start of the school and the institute ... But in addition to all these aspects in Ponts, September is lived in a different way. Live in a festive way!

We start the festive acts with the National Day of Catalonia. This year we will celebrate the institutional event on Monday 10, at night, with the reading of the BAN, act accompanied by the Coral Pontsicana, and as a novelty we can enjoy a song of havaneres with the local group "AIRES DEL SEGRE" . And the next day, to enjoy the Meeting of Puntaires that organizes like every year DOMISE, without forgetting that we will also have a good representation of pontsicanes and bridges to the rally that this year will take place on Avinguda Diagonal in Barcelona.

And even without being able to rest from this intense day, we will see ourselves thrown in full at our Festival. A feast that bridges feel very much about us, as it is surely the party that we live most at family level. The Ranxo is our great celebration and the one that hosts a large number of visitors from all over and that is why we celebrate the Festa Major more at home and at home.

During these times, great themes of the New Song movement and of the protest song reappear. As I have seen, I have listened to the different events of the National Day and that they also represent the opening of our Festa Major. As I was saying, listening to the great theme of the Trinca Festa Major there is a paragraph that - except for the procession and the fireworks (which did not do so many years ago) - explains very well the acts of the Our celebration, but also of the rest of festivals majors of all the Principality.

Alegria, que és Festa Major. 
Alegria, perquè el nostre Sant és el millor. 
Alegria, que és Festa Major. 
Al matí tenim passada, missa, les sardanes 
i havent dinat, migdiada, processó, 
concert, castell de focs i ball a l'envelat.

All these activities that make up the program of acts of the 2018 Town Hall of Ponts have been prepared with will and enthusiasm by the different associations and entities of our city, in conjunction with the Department of Culture, the Festival Committee And all those people who altruistically help make this program. Thank you very much to all!

With the characteristic joy that Trinca conveys to us with this song, I wish everyone and everyone to enjoy our festival! Joy, which is the Festa Major!

Good 2018 Festa Major!

Ma Alba Basomba Gili

Mayor of Ponts