The old Ponts, the subject of our intervention, is located at the bottom of the western slope of the mountain Coast of Forks, where the remains of the castle of San Pedro. To the north it borders the road from La Seu d'Urgell (C-14) and to the south the road to Calaf (1412). Its extension is of 3.28 ha. So a little old, which means that the population density is quite higher than the rest of the municipality.

Its structure is based on the shaft forming the main street, the square and the street Vilanova plateau. This axis and parallel streets remain substantially the contours of the mountain Coast of Forks. By contrast, cross streets have some difference in some cases, be saved with stairs.

As for the building, the old buildings is characterized by a modest old house type with respect to the body of the streets. Currently have restored a fraction of the property, and most remain in disrepair and in some cases closed.

As for social life should be added that the district is minimal, since it has become a magnet and, consequently, there was no renewal of the local population; on the contrary, some residents have been leaving for other parts of the city or even outside Ponts. This reality has thus resulting in degradation of the district that was accentuated as time passes and can only be stopped if we act decisively and promotes a renewal program involving the entire neighborhood in order to become a new landmark of the city.



Name of the integral intervention area: Old Town Ponts.

Geographical extension: 3.28 ha.

Type of area urban area old.

No. inhabitants of the district: 522 (depending elpadró 2005 inhabitants), 520 rooms. (According to the population census of 2006).

Density: 161.61 hab./ha (according to 2005 data) hab./ha 161.61 (according to 2006 data).

Census Location: Old Town Ponts is fit in the first district and the first section of the town of Ponts.