• Bank Owner: City of Ponts. Department of Social Services
  • Address: Av. the source Valldan 7
  • Telephone: 973 46 20 32
  • Opening Date: August 2004
  • No. Register S05948
  • Price of services: prices established by the City of Ponts through municipal ordinances, with bonuses based on the financial resources of the users.
  • Users over 40 attended since its launch


Food Delivery

  • Definition: the same as the Dining Service.
  • Target: 65 and older living in Ponts, which are difficult to prepare food on their own and can not be moved to the old people, which offers "in situ" Service Dining.
  • Purpose: to improve the quality of life of older people who want to be treated from home.
  • Features: ensuring a balanced meal a day under optimal sanitary conditions.
  • Special conditions: the City of Ponts launched the service in 2005. The technical team of Social Services in coordination with the professionals of Primary Health Care Centre performed a review of the cases. The service is provided from Monday to Sunday every day of the year.



  • Definition: organized and coordinated set of actions carried out at the home of the user, aimed at providing personal care, urgent care, home help and social support to people and families in situations of lack of personal autonomy, development difficulties or family problems apply.
  • Target: individuals or families who are, for reasons physical, psychological or social, in a situation of temporary or permanent lack of autonomy to make common tasks of everyday life.
  • Objectives: To develop jobs healthcare, preventive and educational keep users in their environment, improving their quality of life.
  • Functions: personal care, domestic help at home, social support, relationship with the environment, assistive technologies and adaptive home.
  • Special conditions: in 2005 the City of Ponts launched the service; the service is performed by the same staff working in the residence.



  • Definition: is a form of home care service, which, through a central telephone receiver offered to users and distance constant attention 24 hours a day, ensuring a rapid response to contingencies that may occur.
  • Target: people with a limited level of autonomy and dependency due to age or physical condition, able to correctly use the service, which live alone or with people who can not attend so continuous and sufficient.
  • Objectives: To help improve personal autonomy, encourage the person to stay in their usual environment, facilitating communication with the outside, providing access to community services, avoid or delay institutionalization.
  • Special conditions: the City of Ponts put this service available to the public in 2004, with reductions of 25% and 50% on prices established by the providers of this service.